How many times a day should the balloon be inflated?

At least twice a day, morning and evening, and preferably also once in the middle of the day if this is practically feasible.

How long should the treatment be continued?

According to the documentation, the treatment should continue morning and evening for three to four weeks or according to your doctor’s recommendation.

How should the balloons be cleaned?

The balloons should not be cleaned. They should be replaced after three to four days’ use (max. 20 inflations/balloon).

How should the nasal applicator be cleaned?

If necessary, use a mild cleaning agent and ordinary water.

How should the balloons be stored?

They should be kept in the original packaging at room temperature and protected from the light.

How long can balloons be kept?

See packaging for expiry date.

Why is it sometimes difficult to inflate the balloon?

One probable reason is that the nasal applicator is aimed at the central dividing wall of the nose (septum) or that the patient has forgotten to block the other nostril and/or close his/her mouth.

Can I use toy balloons with the nasal applicator?

No, according to the current documentation, toy balloons have no effect.

Why is my three-year-old child unable to inflate the balloon?

Even if some clinical studies have included children from the age of three and upwards, it may be difficult for such small children to inflate a balloon. It is, however, worth having a try. If the child is unable to do it, a parent can inflate the balloon and put it against one of the child’s nostrils. Allow the air to enter the child’s nostril and, at the same time, get the child to swallow. This method may work on children aged three and upwards.

Flying indications for Otovent

At which point during a flight should I inflate the balloon?

The balloon should be inflated when the pilot begins his descent before landing. This is when the partial vacuum in the middle ear may be created.

How often should the balloon be inflated?

You should inflate the balloon the moment the pain begins or when your hearing deteriorates. In normal circumstances, it may need to be inflated several times. There is no upper limit to the number of inflations.

Should I also use nose drops?

Nose drops have no real effect when it comes to opening the Eustachian tube. They may, however, be effective if you have a cold and want to clear your nose, thereby making it easier to perform the Otovent method.