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Otinova® ear spray is a well-proven and scientifically / clinically documented over-the-counter self-care product that treats ear canal inflammation (otitis externa). Otinova® has a local dehydrating, antipruritic, bactericidal and antifungal effect.

Why Otinova®?

  • Otinova® is the only non-prescription/over-the-counter product on the market that treats ear canal inflammation (otitis externa).
  • The effect of Otinova® is scientifically and clinically documented.1-4
  • Otinova® does not contain antibiotics or steroids.
  • The spray bottle makes it easy to administer Otinova®.
  • Otinova® is registered as a medical device at the Medical Products Agency for the treatment of external otitis.

Who can use Otinova®?

Otinova® can be used by adults and children. Children under the age of 5 are treated after a doctor has performed a tympanic membrane examination.

Otinova® can advantageously be used early by those who have a tendency to suffer from ear canal inflammation, e.g. in connection with periods of frequent contact with water and / or humid environment, e.g. bathing holiday.6-7


Otinova® contains aluminum acetate, aluminum acetotartrate, acetic acid, water, pH 3-4 (Burow’s solution5). Each bottle contains 15 ml of solution, which is enough for 150 sprays.



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