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Sorbact® NPWT Wound Filler

Sorbact® NPWT Wound Filler

Microbe binding wound filler for NPWT

Bioburden reducing wound filler that provides negative pressure without in-growth

Sorbact® NPWT Wound Filler is a bacteria- and fungi-binding wound dressing. It consists of a green Sorbact® wound filler, which allows the passage of wound exudate. Sorbact® NPWT Wound Filler conforms to the wound bed providing negative pressure distribution without the in-growth of granulation tissue and provides optimal conditions for wound healing.1,2

Intended use

Sorbact® NPWT Wound Filler is intended for use in conjunction with negative pressure wound therapy systems in the management of clean, contaminated, colonized or infected wounds.

Reference: 1. Malmsjö M Comparison of bacteria and fungus binding mesh, foam and gauze as fillers in negative pressure wound therapy – Pressure transduction, wound edge contraction, microvascular blood flow and fluid retention. Int Wound J 2012; doi: 10.1111/j.1742-481X.2012.01029.x
Reference: 2. Malmsjö M et al Bacteria and fungus binding mesh in negative pressure wound therapy, EWMA Journal 2012 vol 12 no 3



  1. Prepare the wound according to local clinical practice.
  2. Select an appropriate dressing size for the wound. Ensure that the surrounding skin is clean and dry.
  3. Remove the dressing from the pouch using an aseptic technique.
  4. If the dressing needs to be cut, use an aseptic technique. Any opened, unused dressing should be discarded.
  5. Moisten the dressing with sterile saline.
  6. Fluff up one or more dressings and fill the cavity and ensure that the dressing is in direct contact with the entire wound surface. If more than one piece of dressing is used, check that all pieces are in direct contact with each other to ensure an even distribution of negative pressure. Count the pieces of dressing used and record the total in the patient’s records.
  7. Ensure that the wound filler has no direct contact with intact skin.
  8. Proceed as directed for the NPWT system used.
  9. The pressure level should be set according to the physician’s instruction and be based on indication and wound condition. .

Sorbact® NPWT Wound Filler should be changed within 48–72 hours.

Product Ref. No. Size pcs / pack
Sorbact NPWT Wound Filler 98425 17x28 cm, 7x11 in 40
Sorbact NPWT Wound Filler 98410 10x100 cm, 4x39 in 10