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Sorbact® Absorption Dressing

Sorbact® Absorption Dressing

Microbe binding absorbent dressing

Reduces bioburden in moderately to highly exuding wounds

Sorbact® Absorption Dressing is a bacteria- and fungi-binding wound dressing. It consists of a green Sorbact® wound contact layer combined with an absorbent core and a white backing. Sorbact® Absorption Dressing absorbs and retains exudate, thereby reducing the risk of maceration and enabling a moist wound environment. The dressing can be used in compression therapy.

Intended use

Sorbact® Absorption Dressing is intended for use in the management of clean, contaminated, colonized or infected wounds with moderate to high exudate levels, such as surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers and foot and leg ulcers.

  1. Prepare the wound according to local clinical practice.
  2. Select an appropriate dressing size for the wound. The wound pad should overlap the wound margins by at least 2 cm.
  3. Remove the dressing from the pouch using an aseptic technique.
  4. Apply the dressing. Ensure that the green contact layer comes into direct contact with the entire wound surface.
  5. Apply an appropriate dressing fixation.
  6. The dressing change frequency depends on exudate levels and the overall condition of the wound and surrounding skin. Should the clinical condition allow, the dressing can be left in place for up to 7 days.


Clinicians should ensure that the product is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Product Ref. No. Size pcs / pack
Sorbact® Absorption Dressing 98224 7x9 cm, 2.8x3.5 in 20
Sorbact® Absorption Dressing 98222 10x10 cm, 4x4 in 20
Sorbact® Absorption Dressing 98225 10x10 cm, 4x4 in 10
Sorbact® Absorption Dressing 98223 10x20 cm, 4x8 in 10