ABIGO Medical support Human Bridge

ABIGO Medical supports the organisation Human Bridge with Sorbact.

A shipment of Sorbact wound care dressings has been sent to Human Bridge to support and help out in countries like Somalia and Irak where a lot of help is now needed.




Human bridge:

Human Bridge is a professional organization specialized in supply of medical equipment. Through contact with Swedish hospitals and biomedical establishments Human Bridge is able to channel substantial  quantities of used but well-functioning equipment to countries around the world.

Our work consists of collecting, repairing and distributing medical supplies and disability equipment mainly to countries in Africa and Eastern Europe. Textiles, such as clothing and footwear, are also collected and goes to direct aid efforts or generate revenue for various aid projects.

The organization’s goal is: To carry out development, relief and social projects on behalf of partners in Sweden and on site in receiving countries.
Read more: www.humanbridge.se/en