ABIGO Medical develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of OTC and prescription pharmaceuticals as well as an assortment of medical devices for advanced wound care and ENT.


The Sorbact® assortment binds microorganisms in all types of wounds, irrespective of aetiology, wound status and amount of exudates, including dermal fungal infections.

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ABIGO Medical expands the Sorbact® range of infection preventive dressings with the Foam Gentle Border dressing

28 Jun 2016

The new Sorbact® Foam Gentle Border dressing further extends the use of Sorbact® Technology with an all-in-one dressing with gentle silicone…

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WUWHS 2016

25 Sep 2016

WUWHS 2016 – Florence, Italy Dates: September 25-29 For more information: www.wuwhs2016.com

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